FOREST LEGEND Wood Chips / Smoke Chips are used as a substitute for wood in the smoking process. The raw material for their production is wood, which is obtained from ecologically clean forest areas managed by the State Forests.

They are free of impregnating and preserving compounds, do not contain dusty fractions and have an optimal water content.

Wood chips are subjected to a drying treatment at high temperature, thanks to which they remain free from fungi, mold and microorganisms. Our chips are clean, carefully sorted, have positive opinions of the Institute of Meat and Fatty Industry, the National Institute of Hygiene and the State Sanitary Institute.

The wood chips we offer are universal, they are perfect for any type of smokehouse and guarantee a unique taste and aroma of smoked meats, fish or cheese.

You can choose Forest Legend Wood Chips:

  • Beech - we get a golden yellow color
  • Alder - tinting from dark yellow to brown (depending on the time of smoking)
  • Cherry - gives dark brown color
  • Apple - gives a dark brown color
  • Pear - we get the color of red wine
  • Plum - gives golden-brown color with gloss
  • Alder / Apple - mix (50/50) of two types of woodchips
  • Oak - we get a brown color
  • Maple - a golden yellow color and a sweet aftertaste


Customers who are just starting their adventure in smoking often ask us which wood chips to which type of products to use?

Preferences as to the taste, smell or color of dishes is an individual matter, which is why - contrary to popular opinions that can be found on the Internet - we advise you to test different combinations yourself and choose the best solution for you.

Have fun with the taste, smell, color, do not be afraid to experiment!

Our wood chips have been packed in a tight, solid, strong string packaging or (optionally) PVC pails - that allow multiple opening and closing, which eliminates the loss of chips and gives a month-long guarantee of product quality.

The tightly closed packaging gives the possibility of storing dry wood chips even in unfavorable weather conditions, for example when the smokehouse is in the open air.

Depending on your needs, you have chips in string packaging with capacities:

  • 2 liters
  • 5 liters
  • 7 liters

and wood chips in PVC packaging:

  • 2 liters
  • 5 liters
  • 10 liters
  • 20 liters

Wood chips in string packaging:

Wood Smoking Chips Set 6-pack

Wood chips in PVC packaging: