Medical mask type IIR BFE 99.9% - 30 pcs.

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Class IIR protective masks with very high filtration BFE> 99%, from a polish manufacturer.

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Class IIR protective masks with very high filtration BFE> 99%, from a polish manufacturer.

They work perfectly in every workplace - wherever the health and safety of your employees and customers is a priority. Please note that according to the current regulations, wearing masks is obligatory (with some exceptions) also while performing official duties.

Product features:

  • 3-layer masks
  • class IIR
  • very high filtration - BFE 99.9% (details below)
  • provide insulation against external factors
  • flame retardant - in contact with fire they do not burn and do not melt
  • they do not interfere with breathing
  • light and easy to apply
  • disposable
  • mounting: elastic bands to put on the ears
  • minimum mask dimensions: 17.5 x 9 cm
  • made in Poland
  • compliance with the European standard EN 14683
  • has a Food Safety Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene
  • packaging: 30 pieces

Health Quality Certificate issued by the Food Safety Institute NIZP-PZH

  • Certificate number: B-BŻ-6071-0251 / 20 / C
  • Date of issue of the certificate: 03/08/2020
  • The certificate is valid until: 02/08/2023

All our masks have BFE (bacterial filtration rate) at a very high level of 99.9%.

We have tests performed by an international accredited SGS body.


The product complies with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices

Meets requirements:

  • PN-EN 14683: 2019 Surgical masks - requirements and test methods
  • PN-EN ISO 14971: 2020-05 Application of risk management to medical devices
  • PN-EN 1041 + A1: 2013-12 Information provided by manufacturers of medical devices
  • PN-EN ISO 15223-1: 2017-02 Symbols for use on medical device labels, labeling and information provided with them

Three-layer masks, which are medical devices, meet the requirements of EN 14683: 2019 + AC2019, and are made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, an additional filtering layer, a stiffening element and two fastening elastics.

Instructions for use:

  1. Remove the mask from the packaging.
  2. After removing the mask from its packaging, do not put it back in a place that could contaminate the medical device.
  3. The mask should be put on the face in such a way that its stiffening element is at the level of the nose, and the white color of the mask points towards the skin of the user's face, while the elastics are placed behind the ears.
  4. After putting on the face mask, adjust it so that it completely covers the mouth, chin and nose. There should be no gaps around the nose or under the chin to allow air and droplets to bypass the filter medium.
  5. Masks must not be worn under the nose or hung over the neck.

Keep in mind that:

  • The filtration efficiency and protective ability of the mask diminishes as the mask becomes wet, torn or displaced. The higher the protection value of the mask, the longer it will maintain filtration, however there is no set rule regarding the wearing time of the mask as it depends on the level of humidity, respiration rate, nasal discharge, speaking etc.
  • The mask should be replaced at each patient admission or appointment.
  • If the mask becomes wet, dirty, or damaged, replace it immediately.
  • How to store the mask:
  • The product should be stored in clean and dry conditions at a temperature between - 5 ° C and + 35 ° C, with a maximum relative humidity of <80%. When storing or transporting the product, use its original packaging.
  • Contaminated products should be disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations.
  • The storage time is 24 months from the production date.

The offer applies to one package containing 30 pieces of medical masks.

The products are additionally packed in tight, solid zip-lock packaging, which enables multiple opening and closing. This solution increases safety during transport and makes it easier to maintain hygiene during storage.

We also invite wholesalers to cooperate. More info on page



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      Medical mask type IIR BFE 99.9% - 30 pcs.

      Medical mask type IIR BFE 99.9% - 30 pcs.

      Class IIR protective masks with very high filtration BFE> 99%, from a polish manufacturer.